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3 Keyboard Tips To Increase Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are important to increase productivity, this article will give you 3 new and rarely used shortcuts for your enjoyment.



  1. Have you ever have to delete a long word and you find yourself clicking the back space button a bunch of times?  You can Delete an entire word by pressing CTRL + BKSP will delete the entire word behind the cursor.
  2. Have you ever need to sub and superscript text, and you have to search for it in your menu bar?  Simply press CTRL + = for subscript and CTRL + SHIFT + = for superscript.
  3. Do you need to only copy the text and not the formatting, such as font, bold, underline, hyperlink etc. but all you really want is the plain text?  What you need to do is copy your text but instead of clicking on you keyboard Control + V, click Control + Shift + V