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How to do a zoom meeting

Hosting a Meeting

If you do NOT have the Zoom app installed, go to zoom.us and select “Host a Meeting” to start the installation. If you DO have the App installed, see below –

  1. Open your Zoom Read more
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How to paste to Plain Text from HTML?

When you copy any text the copy and its original formatting comes with it. To paste as plain text, press CTRL + Shift + V instead of the standard CTRL + V, Most programs follow this parameter but not Read more

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Be A Windows 8 Expert In 60 Minutes

Windows 8.1

Be A Windows 8 expert In 60 Minutes Tutorial

Using windows 8 for the first time can be can be intimidating, and reading about it does not translate to learning. Many people learn by watching someone Read more

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3 Keyboard Tips To Increase Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are important to increase productivity, this article will give you 3 new and rarely used shortcuts for your enjoyment.


  1. Have you ever have to delete a long word and you find yourself clicking the back space Read more
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How to extend battery life on your notebook

How to extend battery life on your laptop


Today laptops are not only more energy efficient but also have much better batteries. No more are the days of 2 hours of usage before a recharge was necessary.   Read more
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How to change the name that appears in outlook 2010

Change the way your name is displayed to other people in Outlook 2010


30 Second Video  at You Tube Click Link …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHXd0heX2zE

OR Directions Below

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. On the Info tab, click Account Settings Read more
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