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Google Announces Drastic Change In Placement

by Don Hankins via Flickr.com

Google Announces Drastic Change In Placement

Google after April 21st will favor Mobile ready sites, and the others will either be deleted or pu

t so low in the rankings, which will be of no use to anyone.

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Windows 10 will combine, PC, Phone and XBox onto 1 operating System

Microsoft hopes Windows 10 will do many things, from revitalizing the company to winning over consumers by letting them use the same applications on a PC, tablet and smartphone. Now the operating system has a new mission: Getting more Read more

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Microsoft Announces Outlook for Apple and Android Phones and Tablets

Microsoft has launched Outlook for Android and iOS phones and tablets and can be bought now.

It is reported that the new app will replace all Outlook-branded apps, including the Outlook.com app for Android and the rather limited OWA Read more

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What to do when you get a Computer Virus on your computer?

How to handle a Computer Virus

When you first suspect a computer virus on your computer, you usually get some pop ups, or the PC all of a sudden runs very slow, or redirected to another location.  The Read more

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Be A Windows 8 Expert In 60 Minutes

Windows 8.1

Be A Windows 8 expert In 60 Minutes Tutorial

Using windows 8 for the first time can be can be intimidating, and reading about it does not translate to learning. Many people learn by watching someone Read more

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Windows 8.1 Is Out

Windows 8 has not been welcomed by the consumer and definitely by businesses. Mostly due to the fact that the interface is meant mostly for touch screens, and the software was built for touch screens and regular computers, making Read more

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Which antivirus is the best?

Found a Nice article on the nest antivirus, They rated Bit Defender #1, and Zone alarm #2, and Kasperskey #3. They also rated Avast Antivirus, the Best Free Antivirus… I agree with the article except for the Zone Read more

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How to market your business to mobile devices

Setting up a marketing plan to your business is essential and 9 out of ten Adult have cell phones and half of them have Smart Phones.

Furthermore one third of adults have tablet devices to access the internet.  Read more

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