Firewall Installation

Firewalls deny certain traffic coming in and out of your computer or network and is provides the first defence against hackers on your infrastructure. There are two types of firewalls, hardware and software types. They both do the same job, some have extra features like built in antivirus or content filtering.  The hardware version is placed between your high speed connection to the Internet and your in-house equipment, while the software version is installed on the computer itself.  If your a doctors office you will need a firewall for HIPAA Compliancy

Their job is pretty simple: Check incoming and outgoing packets of data, and decide if they should be allowed to leave or enter the system.

Avanti Networks has configured firewalls of many different vendors such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Watchguard, Symantec, Fortinet, and many more.


  1. Doctors Office, for HIPAA compliancy
  2. Financial Planners, and similar services for your office to be Confidentiality Compliant
  3. Retail Locations to satisfy PCI Compliancy