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How to market your business to mobile devices

Setting up a marketing plan to your business is essential and 9 out of ten Adult have cell phones and half of them have Smart Phones.

Furthermore one third of adults have tablet devices to access the internet.  Hence, having a website engineered to work with both traditional computer access and Mobile devices is very important.  Your site should be set up to be a responsive site, which understands the device you have an recreates it on the fly to be useable by a mobile phone.  Check out www.avantinetworks.com via computer and your Smart phone and you can see what I’m saying in action.

Use QR Codes In your print ads.  This enables users to quickly get to your website by clicking a picture via your camera and get to your newsletter sign-up, Contact or buy Now Page.

If you have questions about this call me at 508-381-8307