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Windows 8.1 Is Out

Windows 8 has not been welcomed by the consumer and definitely by businesses. Mostly due to the fact that the interface is meant mostly for touch screens, and the software was built for touch screens and regular computers, making it awkward at best for getting around on both devices. Instead of having two separate software you have one. Windows 8 was the first major change in the Windows interface since Windows 3.11 to Windows 95.

Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1

To solve these issues Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 to the consumer. This new version is an upgrade meant to solve two major problems, navigation and desktop mode. The first feature is the return of the start button albeit minimal which is not the full featured menu we are used to. The second feature is the ability to go into the legacy windows desktop. directly versus using the tiles first and then get into the windows desktop we all love. This version will solve issues for desktop users.

The best attribute of windows 8, is the ability to use any program from your normal PC with the tablet version. This is still the only tablet that can do that.