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Sure sign of computer virus has infected your system

computer viruscomputer virus

Sure sign of computer virus has infected your system

  • Your computer inexplicably slows to a crawl
  • Fake computer antivirus messages
  • Unwanted browser toolbars
  • Redirected Internet searches
  • Frequent random popups
  • Unexpected software installs
  • Unwanted and unexpected software installs
  • Your mouse moves between programs and makes correct selections
Computer Virus
by Don Hankins via Flickr.com

If  you see any of the above you have a computer virus, your best course of action is to update your antimalware and antivirus, then unplugg the network cable or shutdown your wireless and run a full antivirus or antimalware software. I recommend using Avast, or Bit Defender antivirus which links can be found at my support site http://avantihelp.com/recomended-software/ to remove a computer virus.

Good habits to prevent issues is easy:

  1. Nothing is free, free comes with a price
  2. If you download look at the fine print
  3. When installing decline the add-on software, most times this does not effect the installation of the software you want installed.

If you can’t fix your issue, just visit us at our website www.avantinetworks.com, and create a ticket or call us at 508-381-8307